CCI - Certificadora de Créditos Imobiliários

Bank Real Estate Credit Receivables Assignment


Advisory and monitoring of the processes of mortgages, performing credit analysis of customers, checking their financial profile, and adapting to the needs of borrowers for them to obtain mortgage financing from financial institutions.

Management of the receipt of the documents, in advance, in order to prepare the package for funding from the financing agents and following all the processes until the release of the deeds, performing, as appropriate, their registration in the Registry of Property, and managing the process until the release of funds from financial institutions.

Assistance in obtaining real estate project financing from financial institutions, whether corporate plan or other kind of special financing, such as Minha Casa Minha Vida.

Possibility for clients and real estate developers to track their processes, and their status through a web platform.


Diligence and accuracy of trained professionals in the structuring process of real estate financing, and thorough analysis of the minimum documentation required by the financial institution. Management of the receipt of the documentation, always working in advance in order to allow the credit assignment be carried out in shorter terms, and for the valid documents to be renewed, without prejudicing the period of funding grant.

Possibility for the financial institution to monitor the processes, and their status through a web platform.

Main Activities:

– Personalized service for purchasers in the office premises;

– Financing Agent contact for defining commercial strategies and processes development;

– Real Estate credit assignment package preparation in accordance with the specific requirements of the chosen Financing Agent;

– Credit assignment process forwarding;

– Credit assignment process files digitalization;

– Development of a customized report for funding with information about the operating real estate financing process flow, from the initial interview to the entry of the financing agreement and release of funds by the financing agent;

– Web access of the processes progress for the Real Estate developers, Real Estate Buyers and Financing agents.