CCI - Certificadora de Créditos Imobiliários

About Us

Founded by partners and some of the key executives of the BRL TRUST Investimentos the Certificadora de Créditos Imobiliários (“Certificadora”) was designed to provide financial services geared to the mortgage market and the capital market. Its main goal is to be recognized by both the real estate market, as the Capital Market, as the best and most complete solution for certification, monitoring and trading platform for buying and selling of mortgage loans in the Brazilian market.

Through monitoring and / or management of real estate loans, since its origination, the Certificadora ensure their customers, originators or investors, greater agility, liquidity and security for the securitization of these loans, especially regarding the legal aspects.

Its purpose converges with innovative initiatives from regulators who seek transparency and good governance in the securitization market, which will contribute to the growth of market share capital in real estate financing.

The Certificadora has proprietary technology developed for monitoring, tracking, control and collection of real estate contracts, since it originate.